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Proxxon Precision Vise FMZ, with Ball and Socket

Proxxon Precision Vise FMZ, with Ball and Socket
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Proxxon Precision Vise FMZ, with Ball and Socket
The ball and socket design of this German engineered bench vise, shown here in a horizontal position, allows the ability to position this vise in virtually any orientation. This vise also has flexible mounting options built right in to its design. It can be securely clamped to a table or bench, or screwed directly to a work bench.

This vise also makes using our riveting system even easier to use. Positioning the riveting system horizontally makes aligning the rivets simple with less fuss. With the rivets positioned horizontally, the rivets stay in place with less chance of moving or falling out during the rivet setting operation.
Proxxon Vise with Our Rivet Tool

Above you can see our 1/16" Rivet Piercing/Setting Tool in the vise. Now, by using the riveting tool in a horizontal position, it has become even easier to set perfect rivets.

*Rivet Piercing/Setting Tool sold seperately*
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