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We are currently working on our How-To section that will include step by step instructions in Adobe PDF format. Until this section is completed, we hope you find the following instructions helpful.

Tips When Using Our Ring Bands

 Our Ring Bands are used when your application calls for embellishing a portion of the circumference of a ring, as shown in the image above. • On this ring, we rolled out the two pointed ended strips of metal clay 3 cards thick, one long and one short. • Make a small center mark on both pieces. • Using the outer surface of the ring band as a form, drape the longer strip onto the ring band (do not attach it at this time) then moisten the bottom of the shorter strip and drape it over the longer strip aligning both center marks, while keeping the bands  spaced evenly. • If you intend on attaching bezels settings, press the tabbed bezels into the formed strips while the clay is still moldable, as well as any other embellishments. • Then, fully dry the embellishment while still draped over the Ring Band. • After the embellishment is fully dry, use a marker to trace the outline of the embellishment onto the Ring Band. • Remove the embellishment from the ring band at this time. • Within the area of this outline, score the ring band using a file or a burr on a flex shaft, make score marks in a crisscross pattern approximately 1/32” deep. • “Heat clean” this scored Ring Band by heating to approximately 200-400°F to burn off any impurities. • After the Ring Band has air cooled, paint on thick slip, or oil paste into the crisscross area on the Ring Band within the outline of your embellishment. • Moisten the bottom of the fully dried embellishment, and apply thick slip or oil paste onto this moistened surface. • Then attach the embellishment to the Ring Band aligning with the traced outline. • Let dry and fire.  If allowable, longer firing schedules are recommended.


Another option would be to fire the fully dried embellishment, and then attach the embellishment to the Ring band after firing.  Refer to the article “Make Your Own Oil Paste”, courtesy of the PMC Guild, for methods making oil paste which have been proven when attaching two parts that have been fired.

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