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The ring shown above was made using our 8mm Wide Ring Liner

"I went ahead and purchased several different sizes of ring liners. I've only just had a chance to experiment with one of them...and love them! First I found the company easy to work with and gave me simple, easy to use and follow instructions for a my project.

My ring went without a hitch. I applied syringe PMC3 to the ring liner, with a wet brush blended the past to cover the liner then applied a 3 card layer of PMC3 (which I cut a little wider than the liner). I knitted my seam together, smoothed the PMC edges to the liner edges with a rubber blender tool. Once dry, I sprayed my work with a little water, added more paste and applied a 2 card layer of PMC3 and once again knitted the seam and blended my edges down.

I did use a mandrel to let my pieces rest while I worked on it and it was like having a third hand.

There was no shrinking or cracking issues and the piece looks great."

Created by:
The Glass Junkie

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