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Why is there a .999 MCF quality mark on our findings?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, National Gold and Silver Act ( any manufacturer that uses a quality mark must also accompany this mark with a nationally registered trademark, or the name of the manufacturer.  In the case of a manufacturer marking a product inconsistence with the material actually used, these marking conventions would direct authorities back to the original manufacturer. Buyers beware of goods that are quality marked and do not have the accompanying trademark.

The quality mark “.999 MCF” on our findings assures that they are in fact .999 Fine Silver, and that they are backed by the Metal Clay Finding’s nationally registered trademark of “MCF”, tracing any and all accountability back to us.

It is not required for a manufacturer or artisan to use a trademark on their goods, it is only required when a quality mark is used.  For instance: All of our findings are quality marked “.999 MCF”, with the exception of a few items that are either too difficult or impractical to stamp with a mark of any kind.

If you chose to use a quality mark on the metal clay portion of your finished product, you would also be required to use a nationally registered trademark as described above.

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