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Pam Day
Pam Day
Pam Day Designs
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Phone: 520-869-6120
Fax: 520-790-4863
Address: Tucson, AZ
85711 US
Pam Day is a Senior Certified Instructor for Art Clay World, Inc., PMC Certified, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Jewelry from Arizona State University. She designs and makes both traditional sterling jewelry as well as metal clay art jewelry. She teaches intro, certification, and specialty courses out of her home studio in Tucson.

"I use Metal Clay Findings in my classes to help beginning students have more confidence and more professional looking pieces when setting stones. I first teach the metal clay process of making the bezels and then show them how to use the Metal Clay Findings bezels...They love the bezels!"
4mm Bezel in Lentil Bead Finished Lentil Bead Rings made with Ring Liners 6mm Bezel on Leaf Pendant
This photo shows Metal Clay Findings 4mm bezels set into a lentil bead by one of Pam's students in the green ware stage, prior to putting it together and firing.
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4mm Bezel in Lentil Bead
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